Zawadi Junior Account

Loving your child is not only a responsibility but also a wonderful thing. For this reason your child who is below 18 years can have confidence in a financially-sound youth through this one-of-a-kind account. In addition to inculcating a saving culture, the account is also designed to enable parents or guardians to meet the numerous obligations pertaining to their children including school fees and other relevant expenses.

To get your child on the road to financial security you will pay in an opening balance of just TZS 5,000 and you will operate the account with a balance of only TZS 20,000. The interest-bearing balance for the Zawadi Junior Account is TZS 50,000 on which we will pay an interest of 3.5% every year. What’s more? Well, you can withdraw money up to four times a year giving you the flexibility and access that is so vital when planning for your child’s needs. There is no ATM card for this account however you will be presented with a normal account ID upon opening the account.

Why you should open the Zawadi Junior Account today

  • Savings for your child’s future
  • No account maintenance fees
  • Extremely low over the counter withdrawal fee, only TZS 1,800
  • Free transfers within our bank’s network
  • Safety and security of your child’s money
  • A competitive and attractive annual interest rate of 3.5%
  • Quarterly withdrawals that enable you to meet school fees obligations more easily
  • An opening balance of TZS 20,000 which facilitates savings accumulations

For further information please visit any Akiba branch near you or call +255 746 811 510