Biashara Account

Get your business up and running with our Biashara Account

This straight-forward non-cheque book account is designed especially for SME customers who operate either as an individual or a company makes sure your business transactional needs are properly looked after. The benefits this account guarantees will go a long way towards helping your business establish a foothold.

All we ask is that you must be 18 years old or older at the time of opening the account, that you deposit a minimum opening balance of TZS 20,000 if you intend to run the account as an individual or TZS 50,000 if you will run it as a company account. The same respective amounts apply for the operating balance.

You will receive an Akiba Commercial Bank ATM card which is linked to Umoja Switch or a normal ID in cases where the ATM card doesn’t apply.

Reasons to opt for our Biashara Account

  • Easy access to Akiba Commercial Bank loans
  • Our reasonable monthly charges
  • Guaranteed safety and security of your money
  • Free transfers within our bank’s network
  • Access to our Umoja ATM card which gives you 24-hour access to your money on any day
  • You can deposit or withdraw money as many times and as much as you wish
  • Easy access to Akiba Mobile Services

For further information please visit any Akiba branch near you or call +255 746 811 510