Golden Account

Don’t take chances on the future, save for tomorrow with our Golden Account

For many contemplating the future spells fear and uncertainty but for others it’s simply a walk in the park. Nothing should come as a surprise to you if you have prepared for it that’s why our Golden Account ticks all the right boxes for many every day.

To open this account you only need to be 18 years or above with an opening balance of just TZS 50,000. We have set our interest-bearing balance at only TZS 50,000 for which we will pay a 3% base interest rate which accrues monthly but is paid annually.

We will also pay a 1% interest rate bonus once every quarter of the calendar year as long as you withdraw once or don’t withdraw at all during the quarter. This rate is paid for the minimum amount retained in the account for the whole quarter.

We also issue customized and branded ID Card to demonstrate account ownership.

What’s more?
You can borrow up to 80% of your total savings through a lien to deposit arrangement.

For further information please visit any Akiba branch near you or call +255 746 811 510