Akiba Elimu Account

We at Akiba Commercial Bank know well the pressure university and college students often find themselves in during their semesters and we don’t believe money worries should be added to this list. To make things that bit easier and help students get a grip while at university or college we have created the Elimu Account for those moments best left in the back of the mind.

Any higher institution student aged 18 years or above qualifies for this account, and all we ask is that you deposit TZS 10,000 as your opening balance, and that you maintain TZS 10,000 as your minimum operating balance. With no limits to how much and how often you can deposit or withdraw money, Elimu Account comes with a TZS 50,000 interest-bearing balance and we will pay 3.5% as interest rate every year. For ease of access to your money you will receive your own Umoja Switch ATM card.

So, what does all this add up to for you? Well:

  • Savings for your own future
  • Free transfers within our bank’s network
  • Safety and security of your money
  • A competitive and attractive annual interest rate of 3.5%
  • Easy access to Akiba Mobile service

For further information please visit  any Akiba branch near you or call +255 746 811 510