Incofin Investment Management

After 20 years Belgium’s Incofin CVSO strives more than ever to achieve a double (financial and social) return. This balanced vision on investing convinced almost 200 new shareholders to join during 2011.

It invests in MFIs that make a real difference to the quality of life of their stakeholders, their staff and their customers. Through the monitoring of a number of key social parameters, including the level and quality of service and the treatment of the environment and contribution to society, it manages to quantify an MFI’s social performance.

For its investments, Incofin CVSO adopts a set of well-defined criteria, taking into account the impact of the microfinance institution on the local economy, the quality of its management, its financial situation, its track record, and the company’s outlook. For each investment dossier a thorough due diligence is executed of the microfinance institution on site. After the investment, the investment file is carefully followed up. Incofin CVSO is a shareholder in Akiba Commercial Bank since 2003 and has, since the beginning, also taken up an active role in the board.

MFIs can find in Incofin a partner who actively works together with them to find a solution that suits them best. The fund is managed by Incofin Investment Management, a manager of 6 microfinance investment funds with EUR 300 million assets under management. Incofin Investment
Management is taking care of this job with an international and multilingual team of 37 experts who are at the MFIs’ disposal. Incofin CVSO currently cooperates with 30 partner institutions in 21 countries, reaching out to 1.8 million micro entrepreneurs.

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